Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocations to Vancouver are becoming increasingly more popular as the city grows into an international tech hub like Silicon Valley of the North. For your corporate relocation we can facilitate each of the different stages of your move from planning your relocation, helping with the work Visa application process, execution of the move, information gathering, managing a full-scale moving project and, of course, assisting on the day of the actual move.

A corporate relocation will typically involve more steps compared to a standard Vancouver relocation as more parties are involved and greater decisions need to be made. For example, with most of my corporate relocation clients, our biggest concerning factor has always been location to the office while retaining access to leisure services and schools for their kids. These will typically involve shorter timelines to complete the relocation and narrows down the options for housing.

As a Vancouver realtor, I have extensive connections among Vancouver when looking to fulfill many of my corporate relocation client needs which have proven to complete quickly and smoothly allowing clients to not only start work on time but enjoy their stay in Vancouver.

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