Best Advice Moving to Vancouver

Relocating to a new city is never an easy feat especially considering relocating to Vancouver. Whether you’re looking to change up your scenery from your current home or you’ve just been offered a position with your dream company or looking to enhance new job prospects we know just how stressful yet exciting time it can be in your life. Below is some top advice on what to consider when moving to Vancouver.

Plan You Finances

Knowing your budget for housing, food, transportation, and entertainment in Vancouver is a crucial element to consider when moving to Vancouver. Depending on your lifestyle type, location, proximity from your corporate relocation, and family members moving to Vancouver with you your expenses can fluctuate.

Find A Your Go-To Regular Spot

What gets you going? Are you looking to join any outdoor clubs? Looking to get into craft brewery scene? Or are you trying to find a local post-work hangout near your home? Having a go-to spot is a great way to engage with the city and learn more about what there is to do here.

Do Your Research

Vancouver is a huge city. Have you planned out how you will get around? Where you will shop for your groceries? How your kids will get to school? How to register your kids in school near your home? Consider an action plan before your move or consult with us to create a project plan with deliverables to make the move hassle-free.

Pack For The Weather

Vancouver weather tends to fluctuate quite dramatically between the summer and winter months. Summers in Vancouver can be quite hot whereas our winters can range from periods of torrential rain to snow in rare cases.

Prepare Your Essentials

Have you considered your essential items? What are you planning on moving with you? Apart from your family are you bringing other personal belongings? Furniture? Electronics? Vehicles? Are you planning on registering your vehicles in Canada or buying locally? With these considerations, it can vary from bringing several suitcases to renting a moving truck to even a container for all your belongings. We can assist with all aspects of this.

Working with a Vancouver relocation expert we will assist with all steps involved with the big move, help answer all your pressing questions and help you prepare for a seamless experience coming to Vancouver. Drop a comment below or contact us with your questions!

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