Your Vancouver Relocation Expert Ron Parpara

What better way to move to Vancouver than to work with a realtor who has worked in the city for years. My name is Ron Parpara and I’m a Vancouver Realtor based out of Yaletown in Downtown Vancouver. I actively work with a variety of buyers, sellers and ex-pats seeking Vancouver relocation throughout all of the Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland.

Ron Parpara Realtor
Vancouver Realtor Ron Parpara

In my 11 years as a realtor and relocation expert, I’m passionate, experienced and honest about delivering full service to each of my unique clients. To me, I define ‘full service’ as ‘going above and beyond’ for each and every one of my unique clients, which they will all attest to in my client testimonials, and in my agent awards. With our diverse city, I’ve seen the ever-changing Vancouver grow for 36 years, having been born and raised locally.

So you’re Moving To Vancouver?

Are you accepting an exciting new job offer? Are you moving from another part of Canada, from the United States, or another part of the world? Do you need to prepare documentation for your move?

How important is commute time? Or are you looking to be within walking distance of the office? Or will you mainly be on the road travelling from client to client? Will you be needing a vehicle when you move to Vancouver? Or multiple vehicles if you’re here with a partner/family?

How would you define your lifestyle? Are you a homebody or are you looking to get out to explore the city nightlife?

Or are you moving to Vancouver with family? Have you looking into the schools in the area? Are after-school programs and recreation an important factor? Or are you looking for private school placements? Is neighbourhood safety an important factor away from traffic or other hazards for your children to avoid?

These are all crucial questions that I will help you answer. My business is run exclusively by referral, and as a result, I have an extensive network of extremely satisfied clientele. Feel free to have a look at my client testimonials on the tab above, LinkedIn, GoogleYelp or Facebook profiles. If you would like to personally speak to any of my past clients, I’d be happy to get their consent, in order for you to further verify information and details. 

I’m excited to learn about your needs. What brings you to our beautiful city and how can I help you move? Don’t hesitate to call me at 604-275-2997, email me at or drop a comment below!

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